Kate Dixon Design


Timeless, bold and engaging. Visual solutions for brands, publications, and people.




I am a visual problem solver. I communicate with imagery, type and colour. And I translate ideas and information through a variety of media.

As a designer, I seek to attract, inspire, create desires and motivate people to respond to messages. My creative process involves a wild imagination, vision, strategic thinking, exploration, innovation, spacial awareness and problem solving abilities. My talent lies not only in the traditional skills of the hand and eye, but also in my ability to connect with my clients, understand their needs then interpret their desires.

I studied at Monash University and worked with a handful of brilliant design studios before taking a leap of faith and forging my own path in the world of design.

My work extends across a variety of industries including food, retail, lifestyle, interiors, health and the world of business. I work with large brands, startups that dare to dream and everything in between, but no matter the depth or breadth of a project, at the heart of all my work, lies a clear, unpretentious and timeless aesthetic. I create with people in mind and always approach my work and clients with thoughtfulness, a passion for design and a sense of fun.